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June 23, 2005

A + V

I started doing a little volunteer work for Participatory Culture Foundationrecently, bugtesting the mac version of their “channel” aggregator.They’re doing some really intereststing things with distributed video, and Iwould highly recommend checking them out if you have or might want to start doing any video work you’d be willing to distribute for free.

Their distribution system is tailor made to work in conjunction with the Creative Commons licensing structure and’s help with storage and bandwidth.

PCF’s software is still in beta, but it looks promising so far. I tried to do a video hosting experiment in around 2001, but this is a lot simpler and less demanding of personal resources (video servers on a low-bandwidth DSL connections are not a ideal).

I’ve posted some of my video work under the sight link above. All of it is older, but I’ve been working with flash as an animation tool lately so hopefully I’ll have some new content up soon.