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August 22, 2005

Late (of me to be) Breaking (this) News!

Okay, I guess the news isn’t new, just my posting of it. PCF released their first OSX public beta version of DTV! They actually did this August 9, so I’m a little slow to put this up, but hey, late is better than never I guess. Along with DTV, the launched their channel guide for feeds, which, over the course of the last 9 days has grown to around 200 feeds at last glance. I’d have to say, I’m very impressed. There’s a decent amount of good content out there just waiting to be viewed, for free no less. I’d highly encourage everyone with a mac to check it out. PC folks, don’t feel too left out. The windows version is on its way, but they haven’t released any dated for that yet.

I’ve been putting together a little video accompanyment to my track jump,skip,repeat over the course of the week, so hopefully my own feed will have some new content soon. Until then you can at least browse through some of my low-res productions from yesteryear.

On another subject, I have a lot of the SeaMS functionality working that I wanted (amazingly enough), and just updated the page to use the new backend from it, so I might actually be releasing the code in the near future. I have auto-page generation, page directory display, “hidden” pages, and well as some other nifty features working, and it’s “hopefully” fairly easy to set up for anyone familiar with php includes. It won’t be ready tomorrow, but if I take some time to finish it shouldn’t take that much longer either.

I’m currently collaborating with Squelchy on music again, so keep your eyes peeled here for some new audio releases.