August 22, 2007

New Audio and Images

 I just “released” my first set of tracks, I guess it used to be called an ALBUM, on vocoid. I’ve been working on them for a while, and had actually hoped to have one more finished, but decided that 3 was better than none. Sometimes you just have to kick things out the door. I hope you enjoy them!

Also, I updated the Sight link to point to both my youtube page, and my flickr page. There’s not a whole lot there right now, but more is forthcoming.

May 2, 2006

Vocoiding into the future

If you haven’t already checked it out, most of my work these days is going into a music project with DJ Squelchy, Medl. We just release our first full length album Medly, and are currently trying to pimp it out to labels. I’m also investigating the possibility of taking submissions for vocoid, and maybe one of these days making it into a more “real” label.

I’ve also been taking some time to go through the EOI archives from when I had “The Hole”, and extracting some of the more promising parts from them. There’s even talk of doing an offline album among some of the other members, so an EOI03 isn’t entirely out of the question. Even if this doesn’t happen, I’m hoping to distribute the loops I get from this and publishing them under a Creative Commons license, and hopefully even hosting a ccMixter contest with them. You never know.

Other than that, not much to report, but check out vocoid and the new album!

November 2, 2005

New trix and trax

After a very log vacation from working on any full tracks, I’m proud to present Bridges and Gates.

I figured out a new method for composition, and I think this track is substantially different (yes, read “better”) than my previous work. As always feedback is appreciated.

To anyone looking at midi control surfaces, I’d highly recommend checking out the M-audio trigger Finger. I picked one up on Monday, and I’ve been having a LOT of fun with it since then.

Other than that, not much to report. I had some nice downtime in germany last month, and then the recovery period, so please excuse the long update cycle.

August 22, 2005

Late (of me to be) Breaking (this) News!

Okay, I guess the news isn’t new, just my posting of it. PCF released their first OSX public beta version of DTV! They actually did this August 9, so I’m a little slow to put this up, but hey, late is better than never I guess. Along with DTV, the launched their channel guide for feeds, which, over the course of the last 9 days has grown to around 200 feeds at last glance. I’d have to say, I’m very impressed. There’s a decent amount of good content out there just waiting to be viewed, for free no less. I’d highly encourage everyone with a mac to check it out. PC folks, don’t feel too left out. The windows version is on its way, but they haven’t released any dated for that yet.

I’ve been putting together a little video accompanyment to my track jump,skip,repeat over the course of the week, so hopefully my own feed will have some new content soon. Until then you can at least browse through some of my low-res productions from yesteryear.

On another subject, I have a lot of the SeaMS functionality working that I wanted (amazingly enough), and just updated the page to use the new backend from it, so I might actually be releasing the code in the near future. I have auto-page generation, page directory display, “hidden” pages, and well as some other nifty features working, and it’s “hopefully” fairly easy to set up for anyone familiar with php includes. It won’t be ready tomorrow, but if I take some time to finish it shouldn’t take that much longer either.

I’m currently collaborating with Squelchy on music again, so keep your eyes peeled here for some new audio releases.

June 23, 2005

A + V

I started doing a little volunteer work for Participatory Culture Foundationrecently, bugtesting the mac version of their “channel” aggregator.They’re doing some really intereststing things with distributed video, and Iwould highly recommend checking them out if you have or might want to start doing any video work you’d be willing to distribute for free.

Their distribution system is tailor made to work in conjunction with the Creative Commons licensing structure and’s help with storage and bandwidth.

PCF’s software is still in beta, but it looks promising so far. I tried to do a video hosting experiment in around 2001, but this is a lot simpler and less demanding of personal resources (video servers on a low-bandwidth DSL connections are not a ideal).

I’ve posted some of my video work under the sight link above. All of it is older, but I’ve been working with flash as an animation tool lately so hopefully I’ll have some new content up soon.

April 8, 2005


They say that for every door that shuts, another one opens, but no door opening can make up for the one that shut tonight.

In loving memory.